Saturday, 31 March 2012

Know Your Volkswagen Before Buying Them

Volkswagen Golf - world's leading carmaker has announced the launch of its Plug-in Hybrid Volkswagen Golf in 2015.This seventh-generation Golf is enhanced with an array of stunning power train options, according to the carmaker.The Auto Express already rates this prototype 5-star.What sets this vehicle way above other cars in its genre, is its 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged gasoline engine and an 80-kW electric motor.

According to Volkswagen, its Plug-in Hybrid Golf will give up to 30 miles of electric-only range.The car will breeze through and help you save on fuel cost, on the city streets.Even though it is loaded with several features, the car does not come with an expensive price tag.With a starting price of $24,000, it is expected that the car is to be priced at par with its turbocharged Golf GTI model.Other electric cars such as Chevy Volt, Ford Focus Electric and Nissan LEAF have prices similar to this car.

So if you are impressed with the brief preview of the Plug-in Hybrid Volkswagen Golf, discuss more about the car with your trusted Phoenix Volkswagen dealers. Make sure your dealer books this car for you as soon as it hits the market in 2015, just 3 years from now, if its features and early comments have awed you.However, a glimpse of this stunning beauty can be caught at the Paris Motor show this September when Volkswagen showcases it.

Buy a used Volkswagen car for now

In case, you have the urgency to buy a car and can't wait for the Plug-in Hybrid Volkswagen Golf consider buying a used VW car for now. As VW cars are known for their longevity and superior performance, it makes sense to invest in a used VW.If you are interested in buying a used VW in a good condition, there are a large number of Phoenix Volkswagen dealers that can assist you.

Although it seems easy, buying used VW cars is not that straightforward.You need to be especially cautious while picking a Phoenix Volkswagen dealer. Deal with only reputed dealers if you wish to make sure you get a fair deal.Search on the Internet or consult your friends to find genuine VW dealers in Phoenix.

Check the condition of the car thoroughly

While making a decision, think of as many questions as you can about the condition of the car such as why the owner is selling the car, its accident and maintenance history, mileage, etc.And, don't just go by the dealer's words; insist on having the proof regarding the claims.This will help you figure out what condition the car is in to determine its current price.Also, take the car for a careful and detailed test drive to check its performance.If everything goes well, you shall definitely drive home a VW car at a very reasonable price.

Start saving and putting aside money till 2015 to buy the turbocharged Plug-in Hybrid Volkswagen Golf!


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