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SUVs are on Roll in India

In order to raise the Indian standards in the SUV segment of the Indian auto market, Mitsubishi has recently unveiled the plans of launching a brand new version of Outlander. Giving it a tough run, yet another unbeatable SUV of Range Rover Sports will soon be making its debut in the Indian market. 

Rolling out its latest face-lifted edition at the recently held GMS, Mitsubishi Outlander can be expected in the Indian market in early 2014. Mitsubishi is expected to introduce the diesel variant of Outlander that will feature a 2.2L DI-D engine. 

This dynamic diesel powered engine will be generating a peak power of 150 PS and a peak torque of 380 Nm. Considered as one of the best cars in India, Mitsubishi Outlander will also be paired to a 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox. Out of these two variants, only manual transmission based vehicles will be introduced in the Indian market.

Post its launch in Russia and Japan respectively, Mitsubishi has some big plans to roll out the diesel version of its crossover vehicle in India. The all new 2014 version of Outlander undoubtedly looks superior in terms of exterior, presentation and features. 

Crafted with perfection to meet the standards of Indian market, Mitsubishi Outlander will assuredly serve as the best car in India. The recent edition of this perfect crossover will be seen featuring an added third row seat. In contrast, the second row stands on tracks that slide to be able to enhance the legroom.

On the contrary, another future best car in India, the all new Range Rover Sports will be seen giving all other SUVs a tough competition in the auto world. Expected to be introduced in the Indian market in the early 2014, the stunning Range Rover Sports SE edition will roll out as an entry level vehicle in the Indian market. 

Inspired from the outgoing model, the engine of one of the best cars in India, Range Rover Sports is likely to remain the same. Exhibiting a SDV6 diesel powered engine, the all new Range Rover Sports will be generating 288 bhp of peak power. 

The V8 petrol engine variant will give 503 bhp of peak power whereas the TDV6 engine variant will average a maximum peak power of 255 bhp. Last but not the least the SDV8 diesel based variant of the future best car in India will generate 335 bhp of peak power. 

All other variants of Ranger Rover Sports will be launched by the mid of 2013 except for Range Rover Sports SE. Featuring ’Connected Car' equipment, the revamped Range Rover Sports will alarm the driver via a smart phone application that will help in checking the status of the vehicle. This stunning characteristic of Range Rover Sports will also feature support characters like Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Emergency Call. 

Other than all these, a high bandwidth Wi-Fi hot spot will be incorporated in the latest Range Rover Sports that will provide unlimited access of internet. With such a tremendous range of best cars in India, picking up one best car in India is going to get much more complicated than expected. 

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A New Variant From Skoda

Having launched the 2013 edition Octavia globally, Skoda plans to introduce the face-lifted edition of Octavia in the Indian market in the second half of 2013. 

Measuring 4.6 meters in length and 1.8 meters in width, the all new Skoda Octavia will be seen exhibiting a wheelbase of 108mm. As a result of this, Skoda Octavia will be seen exhibiting an increased cabin space on the interiors. 

Owing to the MQB platform of the parent company Volkswagen, the latest edition of one of the upcoming cars, Skoda Octavia will weigh 102 kilograms lighter in spite of the significant increase in the overall proportions. 

The exteriors of the all new Octavia will be seen displaying a new grille which is expected to be incorporated in all the future new car launches from Skoda. Also, the face-lifted edition of Octavia will be made available with the new headlights and tail lamps. Apart from that, the base model of Skoda Octavia will come with halogens incorporated up in the front and usual lights at the back. 

On the contrary, the top-end model of the 2013 edition of Octavia will be seen exhibiting bi-Xenon lights along with day-time LED lights in the front and the cluster of tail lamps will feature full LED lights. Although the latest edition of one of the new car launches will hit the Indian market with such significant changes, the new incoming model of Skoda Octavia will retain the typical tail lights of C-shape of the outgoing model. 

Inside the brand new edition of Skoda Octavia, car buyers will surely be delighted to witness an all new touch screen along with a new audio system. Apart from an adaptive cruise control structure, the 2013 edition of one of the new car launches, Skoda Octavia will be exhibiting a new park assist system and a new electro-panoramic sunroof. 

Other than this, the incoming model of one of the upcoming cars of Skoda Octavia will also come with an optional keyless entry and an automatic door and ignition structure. As far as performance is concerned, the all new Skoda Octavia will probably rise above the expectations as Skoda plans to introduce four petrol based variants and four diesel based variants. 

The petrol based variant of the new Octavia will feature a 1.4L TSI petrol engine that will generate two varying peak power that of 120 bhp and 138 bhp whereas on the other hand the 1.8L TSI petrol engine will generate 177 bhp of peak power and 2.0L TSI petrol engine will be displayed in the vRS edition. As far as the diesel based variants are concerned, 2013 edition of Skoda Octavia will exhibit a 1.6L TDI diesel engine that will generate varying peak power of 103 bhp or 108bhp and the two variants that will exhibit 2.0L TDI diesel powered engine will generate 147 bhp and 181 bhp of peak power. 

Hence, having put up so many notable features on the score board and being one of the upcoming cars and falling in the premium sedan segment, the all new Skoda Octavia is already being eyed upon by many car buyers in the Indian market. 

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I am John , a content writer and have great experience of automotive industry. I have written and published lots of articles and blogs related to new cars launches , car prices , car comparison. Here in this post , I have shared my knowledge about upcoming cars and new launched cars.

Monday, 25 March 2013

20 Car Maintenance Tips To Keep Your New Car For A Long Time

Have you just bought your dream car after saving up money since ages? Well, your duty does not just end with bringing it home. You have to make it last long as much as possible. Here are some tips to keep it going forever.

1. Maintain your car speed limited to only 55mph till you hit the milestone of 1000 miles.

2. Do not load heavy materials like tow trailers etc on the drive train.

3. Do not let your car stand idle for long. If you do so oil will not be sent to every part of the car engine.

4. When you drive the car for the first time keep the acceleration below 3000rpm for the first few hours.

5. When you start your car do not race its engine excessively. It only increases the engine’s wear.

6. The car engine gets more worn out in the first 10-20 minutes of driving so maintain acceleration in medium to avoid it.

7. When you hold your car at the red traffic lights, shift to neutral gear to put less strain on engine or the engine still keeps working even when the car is stopped.

8. Do not drive at high acceleration when it is either very cold or hot outside as this will lead to more car repairs.

9. Follow the speed limits to improve the life of your car’s tires. Do not apply brakes suddenly or turn suddenly and of all do not burn rubber.

10. Never hold your steering wheel at extreme left or right for a long time as it damages the pump of the power steering.

11. Do not take short driving trips as it increases the wear and tear and it causes more population. So do all your works at once and drive your car as much as possible when there is less traffic. This way you will keep up the health of the engine and also save gas.

12. Always buy gas at good fuel filling stations before you fill your car’s fuel tank inquire at the station if their fuel is filtered or not.

13. Never fill your car gas when you find the gas stations tanks being filled with fuel as the turbulence caused during filling can stir sediment in your gas and chances are that this sediment will clog the fuel filters thus decreasing the performance of your car and also might increase the possibility of repairs.

14. Do not share your car key chain with other keys as the weight can wear out the ignition’s tumbler leading to switch failure of the ignition.

15. Sometimes however careful you be in maintaining the car, something bad might strike so to avoid such disasters from happening insure your car from the company who will pay for all the damaged parts.

16. Always maintain a record of the gas fill ups and the mileage your car is giving. If you find the mileage decreasing then report it to your service company.

17. Always wash the car and wax it to keep it looking new and maintaining the finish.

18. You must drain your car battery every now and then by using a small bulb and then recharge the battery to avoid the memory affect of the car battery.

19. Always park your car in shade ideally in a garage to prevent the UV rays from sun to prevent your car’s interiors from damaging. Use car shades too to decrease the impact of sun.

20. Wash your car regularly to remove the dust and dirt and let it look new. Also you must concentrate on cleaning the interiors.

Find more tips at blogs available at Directoryready and also you can submit your auto website Automotive Directories .

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How Auto Dealers Can Find The Best Deals at Auctions

Summary: Auto dealers license help dealers to get access to car auctions. Thus, you need to learn how to maximize that privilege to land the best car deals possible.

Auctions had been a wonderful place to go to for anyone looking to snag a good deal. Those who attend auctions to get the opportunity to purchase items for nearly half the price off of the original, sometimes even better deals than that! This explains why auto dealers license holders flock to used car auctions. They are all eyeing to get the best used vehicle for a reasonable price, which lets them get a better price for those when sold via a dealership. 

However, the bigger question has always been this: how do you find the best deals at auctions? There is a comprehensive amount of used cars displayed at these auctions, which can make it a seemingly impossible task to comb through each one. How do you ensure that you are not missing a potential deal? 

Here are some tips that might help you find the best deals before others do:

  • Attend government auctions. According to experts, this is the best place to hunt for great deals on used cars. This kind of auction is hosted by a government entity wherein the cars being showcased had been seized for any of the following reasons: failure to pay taxes, or used on criminal activity. Either way, the vehicles had been cleared and legally good for re-sell. Another advantage to buying used cars from government auctions is the fact that they are not sold by the owners; hence, there are seldom reserves associated with pricing these cars.

  • Do not be tempted by brands or models. You have to think about the longevity here. Make sure that the vehicles are still in decent condition, not necessarily in tip top shape (as you would expect from a used vehicle). At the same time, do keep your eyes peeled for them specially luxury cars that might be sold in less than half its original price.

  • Start by organizing your finances. It helps to decide which deals are considered great for your budget, if you know beforehand how much you are willing to spend. There are competing bids involved for every vehicle in the auction so you have to determine what is the ceiling bid for each vehicle so you won't exceed them.

  • Come early at the venue. There is an advantage for all auto dealers license holders that arrive early such as the ability to scout the vehicles on display before others could. This will help you save time later on because you already have a shortlist of vehicles that you want to pay closer attention to. At the same time, you do not have to waste your time wandering aimlessly because you are overwhelmed by your choices and you are unable to organize your choices. 

If you would like to check out auctions within or near your area, you can check online for details and sites like or have information on them. It pays to be smart when attending these auctions. If you can remember the tips above, you will no doubt be a step ahead of others in terms of identifying the best deals at car auctions.

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Angela is a fitness instructor in Sacramento. After helping clients get the body and fitness they want for more than a decade, she decided to venture on a different challenge in life for. She turned into Dealerlicensegroup, a car dealer license company.

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Licensed Car Dealers and Use of Dealer Plates

Summary: Obtaining dealer plates are a must for serious car dealers. Like your car dealer license, it opens up opportunities for you to pursue lucrative negotiations with interested buyers.

Individuals who are applying for a car dealer license must comply with several steps during application. In some cases, there are several tests involved to ensure that you can be a successful dealer of vehicles and to give you right to join auctions and buy vehicles through such events. One of the things that prove your identity as a licensed dealer is when you have dealer plates. These plates are only issued once you have filed and completed application, as well as settle the fees involved. But many are wondering if it is worth the hassle getting the plate for, and those concerns will be addressed here.

The first step is to know how you can get your own dealer license plates. You have to start by obtaining an application form so you can formally file for a license. Make sure to submit the form to the corresponding division where you belong in and pay the required amount. When it comes to the number of plates given to the applicant, though, it will vary depending on the number of vehicles that an individual was able to sell over the course of a 12-month period. For dealers that sold between 12-25 vehicles, 6 dealer plates are given. Meanwhile, those that have sold between 25 to 37 get 7 license plates and 8 for those that are over 37 but does not exceed 49. Only those who get less than 12 can get only 3 license plates. Naturally, the more vehicles you were able to send, the more license plates you can get, too.

A car dealer license plate, however, can serve several purposes aside from proving your legitimacy as a dealer. It can vary according to where you use them and what kind of plate you have applied for. All dealer plates have a fixed format and is made with aluminum. The size of the plates is also standard although you can choose from a variety of color options.

Here are some of the basic uses for auto dealer license plates:

  • You can use them to perform a test drive on a vehicle after it underwent repairs.
  • It can also be used when delivering vehicles to another party, which can be another agent, dealer, or manufacturer.
  • Another reason why you need to obtain auto dealer plate would be to give you the right to drive the vehicle to your purchaser's premise.
  • Aside from driving vehicles for delivery, dealer plates are needed when driving unlicensed vehicles in public places.

Truth is, there are no restrictions involved as to how the dealer can use the vehicle because it is considered owned by the dealership. But a dealer must obtain a loaded demonstration permit before it is allowed to load passengers in the vehicle. It also comes with an expiration so make sure to check that before you use these plates in attending a car auction. advise their clients about what they can use these license plates for before it is handed to them.

Interested in getting your own dealer plates? As mentioned above, you can get several different types of plates and there is a wide range of use for them. Learning about what you can do with it is vital in order for you to maximize them.

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Hope has spent the last five years of her life jumping from one employment to another. She has been pleased at the car dealership industry for five years and counting. 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Techniques To Find the Best Car For You

Choosing a car isn't exactly the easiest of tasks. It is very challenging and it requires a mixture of wise and emotional factors. In the end, there is absolutely no miracle to steer you to the perfect car model for you and your family. You simply need make an informed decision.

Comprehend Vehicle Choices

While you say vehicle type, you refer to body style and size. Below are a few common body styles and how selecting them can affect you:
  • Coupes or convertibles are very attractive but they are excellent mainly for singles or maybe couples since they are only meant for two. You can purchase BMW from Arizona car dealers and you'll enjoy a great coupe experience
  • Hatchbacks are the common small cars these days that are simple to park and have plenty of space for shopping bags and some family members
  • Estate Cars are the excellent cars for active people who require comfort and space at the same time
  • Saloons are very popular options if you need a classic body design. You can get lots of used BMW for sale these days that fit perfectly into the saloon class. 
  • Off roads are not as big as they used to be and they have become rather economical and so smaller in size.
  • MPVs are great family cars for driving your kids to school or going on holidays

Know Your Goals

A vehicle can be examined from several different views. Knowing these perspectives will assist you to focus on your choices as well as make the best possible choice.

  • Budget. If you are trained by a limited budget, respect it. You should not need to pay for a car all your life if you cannot really afford it.
  • Styling. Many people basically love the appearance of a car. This is the only factor that matters to them. 
  • Comfort. For others comfort is their number one priority. They search for climate control, audio, stereo, electric and so leather seats, remote central locking and other comfortable features. 
  • Reliability and Quality. There are actually people who basically like quality and reliability to all other features. Which means that they will not look after appearance, running costs or even design. 
  • Performance. For true automotive enthusiasts there is nothing better than a performing car that can reach incredible top speeds. Pre-owned BMW for sale could be just what they are looking for. 
  • Running Expenditures. For many, a car is an investment and running costs are quite important in this respect. They look for maintenance and repair costs and for fuel costs.
  • Roominess. For family people, roominess is essential. 
  • Safety. Airbags, excellent results in safety tests, smart breaking systems, plus other safety systems are what you need to search for if safety is your priority. 
  • High Specifications. You may be in search of one of those cars that come with extra new features for example keyless engine start, electronic parking breaks, and a lot of other modern gadgets. 

Make sure you understand the features that your car offers before making your final decision. If you'd like to purchase BMW from Arizona or look for used BMW for sale, do sufficient research and make sure you test drive the car. You must also do the appropriate background check on the condition of the auto.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Insider Secrets of VW XL1

Of all of the energy efficient autos around, Volkswagen has unveiled one that beats them all. Even though it is still a concept car, it’s a way ahead in the direction of attaining eco friendliness as well as fuel efficiency within automobiles.

This car is all about making the impossible possible. Back in the day, providing a vehicle that might accomplish 261 mpg appeared farfetched. With the current developments, this might be a probability. The people at Volkswagen seem to be making a breakthrough in this field by introducing the Volkswagen XL1 concept in the Qatar show.

So, what is the secret behind this car which makes other vehicles appear so prodigal?

The Motor:

Therefore, exactly what lies under the bonnet of the XL1? This vehicle is actually a hybrid vehicle. A hybrid automobile is actually a car which utilizes 2 or even more unique energy sources to push the vehicle. In this case, XL1brings together a forty-eight hp dual cylinder TDI engine alongside a twenty seven hp electric motor. The motor is backed up by a 7 speed double clutch transmission and a Li-ion battery pack.

About the speed, the VW XL1 can move from standstill to sixty miles per hour in 11.9 secs. It's believed that the prototype can produce about 35 kilometers with only electrical energy as its only source of power. This entirely zeroes pollutants. The battery can be easily charged in your house by using a regular wall socket.

Style And The Rules Of Aerodynamics:

The XL1 style is not entirely aesthetic however, it is all about aerodynamics. The XL1 is widest at the front and becomes narrower as you have a look at it from the back. This gives the car a nice aerodynamic profile as compared to various other vehicles. In addition, it has rear tyre covers that work as a drag reduction attribute by avoiding turbulence.

Another strange attribute is that the VW XL1 lacks mirrors on the side. Now, what do you should do in order to keep an eye on oncoming commuter traffic? Volkswagen put in some sleek video cameras in their place to provide the ideal view of the vehicle traffic. The car also includes winged entry doors hinged at two points as well as a really lower profile. These kinds of characteristics are only seen on prominent high performance sports vehicles.

Materials used:

The types of materials utilized in making the physical structure of this car are truly fantastic. The Volkswagen professionals adopted the concept of making a car from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) from the sports automobile gurus. This simply signifies that the vehicle is quite light in terms of weight yet features a tough physical structure that can continue for long periods. The overall net body weight reaches about one thousand seven hundred and fifty three lbs. This is feather weight with respect to a car that works how the Volkswagen XL1 really does.

The grapevine is alive with information of Volkswagen cars releasing the brand new vehicle in the end of 2013. It is just a question of observing and waiting. For those fascinated, it's time to begin saving.