Friday, 20 July 2012

Insider Secrets of VW XL1

Of all of the energy efficient autos around, Volkswagen has unveiled one that beats them all. Even though it is still a concept car, it’s a way ahead in the direction of attaining eco friendliness as well as fuel efficiency within automobiles.

This car is all about making the impossible possible. Back in the day, providing a vehicle that might accomplish 261 mpg appeared farfetched. With the current developments, this might be a probability. The people at Volkswagen seem to be making a breakthrough in this field by introducing the Volkswagen XL1 concept in the Qatar show.

So, what is the secret behind this car which makes other vehicles appear so prodigal?

The Motor:

Therefore, exactly what lies under the bonnet of the XL1? This vehicle is actually a hybrid vehicle. A hybrid automobile is actually a car which utilizes 2 or even more unique energy sources to push the vehicle. In this case, XL1brings together a forty-eight hp dual cylinder TDI engine alongside a twenty seven hp electric motor. The motor is backed up by a 7 speed double clutch transmission and a Li-ion battery pack.

About the speed, the VW XL1 can move from standstill to sixty miles per hour in 11.9 secs. It's believed that the prototype can produce about 35 kilometers with only electrical energy as its only source of power. This entirely zeroes pollutants. The battery can be easily charged in your house by using a regular wall socket.

Style And The Rules Of Aerodynamics:

The XL1 style is not entirely aesthetic however, it is all about aerodynamics. The XL1 is widest at the front and becomes narrower as you have a look at it from the back. This gives the car a nice aerodynamic profile as compared to various other vehicles. In addition, it has rear tyre covers that work as a drag reduction attribute by avoiding turbulence.

Another strange attribute is that the VW XL1 lacks mirrors on the side. Now, what do you should do in order to keep an eye on oncoming commuter traffic? Volkswagen put in some sleek video cameras in their place to provide the ideal view of the vehicle traffic. The car also includes winged entry doors hinged at two points as well as a really lower profile. These kinds of characteristics are only seen on prominent high performance sports vehicles.

Materials used:

The types of materials utilized in making the physical structure of this car are truly fantastic. The Volkswagen professionals adopted the concept of making a car from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) from the sports automobile gurus. This simply signifies that the vehicle is quite light in terms of weight yet features a tough physical structure that can continue for long periods. The overall net body weight reaches about one thousand seven hundred and fifty three lbs. This is feather weight with respect to a car that works how the Volkswagen XL1 really does.

The grapevine is alive with information of Volkswagen cars releasing the brand new vehicle in the end of 2013. It is just a question of observing and waiting. For those fascinated, it's time to begin saving.


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