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Licensed Car Dealers and Use of Dealer Plates

Summary: Obtaining dealer plates are a must for serious car dealers. Like your car dealer license, it opens up opportunities for you to pursue lucrative negotiations with interested buyers.

Individuals who are applying for a car dealer license must comply with several steps during application. In some cases, there are several tests involved to ensure that you can be a successful dealer of vehicles and to give you right to join auctions and buy vehicles through such events. One of the things that prove your identity as a licensed dealer is when you have dealer plates. These plates are only issued once you have filed and completed application, as well as settle the fees involved. But many are wondering if it is worth the hassle getting the plate for, and those concerns will be addressed here.

The first step is to know how you can get your own dealer license plates. You have to start by obtaining an application form so you can formally file for a license. Make sure to submit the form to the corresponding division where you belong in and pay the required amount. When it comes to the number of plates given to the applicant, though, it will vary depending on the number of vehicles that an individual was able to sell over the course of a 12-month period. For dealers that sold between 12-25 vehicles, 6 dealer plates are given. Meanwhile, those that have sold between 25 to 37 get 7 license plates and 8 for those that are over 37 but does not exceed 49. Only those who get less than 12 can get only 3 license plates. Naturally, the more vehicles you were able to send, the more license plates you can get, too.

A car dealer license plate, however, can serve several purposes aside from proving your legitimacy as a dealer. It can vary according to where you use them and what kind of plate you have applied for. All dealer plates have a fixed format and is made with aluminum. The size of the plates is also standard although you can choose from a variety of color options.

Here are some of the basic uses for auto dealer license plates:

  • You can use them to perform a test drive on a vehicle after it underwent repairs.
  • It can also be used when delivering vehicles to another party, which can be another agent, dealer, or manufacturer.
  • Another reason why you need to obtain auto dealer plate would be to give you the right to drive the vehicle to your purchaser's premise.
  • Aside from driving vehicles for delivery, dealer plates are needed when driving unlicensed vehicles in public places.

Truth is, there are no restrictions involved as to how the dealer can use the vehicle because it is considered owned by the dealership. But a dealer must obtain a loaded demonstration permit before it is allowed to load passengers in the vehicle. It also comes with an expiration so make sure to check that before you use these plates in attending a car auction. Dealerlicensegroup.com advise their clients about what they can use these license plates for before it is handed to them.

Interested in getting your own dealer plates? As mentioned above, you can get several different types of plates and there is a wide range of use for them. Learning about what you can do with it is vital in order for you to maximize them.

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