Monday, 25 March 2013

20 Car Maintenance Tips To Keep Your New Car For A Long Time

Have you just bought your dream car after saving up money since ages? Well, your duty does not just end with bringing it home. You have to make it last long as much as possible. Here are some tips to keep it going forever.

1. Maintain your car speed limited to only 55mph till you hit the milestone of 1000 miles.

2. Do not load heavy materials like tow trailers etc on the drive train.

3. Do not let your car stand idle for long. If you do so oil will not be sent to every part of the car engine.

4. When you drive the car for the first time keep the acceleration below 3000rpm for the first few hours.

5. When you start your car do not race its engine excessively. It only increases the engine’s wear.

6. The car engine gets more worn out in the first 10-20 minutes of driving so maintain acceleration in medium to avoid it.

7. When you hold your car at the red traffic lights, shift to neutral gear to put less strain on engine or the engine still keeps working even when the car is stopped.

8. Do not drive at high acceleration when it is either very cold or hot outside as this will lead to more car repairs.

9. Follow the speed limits to improve the life of your car’s tires. Do not apply brakes suddenly or turn suddenly and of all do not burn rubber.

10. Never hold your steering wheel at extreme left or right for a long time as it damages the pump of the power steering.

11. Do not take short driving trips as it increases the wear and tear and it causes more population. So do all your works at once and drive your car as much as possible when there is less traffic. This way you will keep up the health of the engine and also save gas.

12. Always buy gas at good fuel filling stations before you fill your car’s fuel tank inquire at the station if their fuel is filtered or not.

13. Never fill your car gas when you find the gas stations tanks being filled with fuel as the turbulence caused during filling can stir sediment in your gas and chances are that this sediment will clog the fuel filters thus decreasing the performance of your car and also might increase the possibility of repairs.

14. Do not share your car key chain with other keys as the weight can wear out the ignition’s tumbler leading to switch failure of the ignition.

15. Sometimes however careful you be in maintaining the car, something bad might strike so to avoid such disasters from happening insure your car from the company who will pay for all the damaged parts.

16. Always maintain a record of the gas fill ups and the mileage your car is giving. If you find the mileage decreasing then report it to your service company.

17. Always wash the car and wax it to keep it looking new and maintaining the finish.

18. You must drain your car battery every now and then by using a small bulb and then recharge the battery to avoid the memory affect of the car battery.

19. Always park your car in shade ideally in a garage to prevent the UV rays from sun to prevent your car’s interiors from damaging. Use car shades too to decrease the impact of sun.

20. Wash your car regularly to remove the dust and dirt and let it look new. Also you must concentrate on cleaning the interiors.

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