Monday, 3 June 2013

A New Variant From Skoda

Having launched the 2013 edition Octavia globally, Skoda plans to introduce the face-lifted edition of Octavia in the Indian market in the second half of 2013. 

Measuring 4.6 meters in length and 1.8 meters in width, the all new Skoda Octavia will be seen exhibiting a wheelbase of 108mm. As a result of this, Skoda Octavia will be seen exhibiting an increased cabin space on the interiors. 

Owing to the MQB platform of the parent company Volkswagen, the latest edition of one of the upcoming cars, Skoda Octavia will weigh 102 kilograms lighter in spite of the significant increase in the overall proportions. 

The exteriors of the all new Octavia will be seen displaying a new grille which is expected to be incorporated in all the future new car launches from Skoda. Also, the face-lifted edition of Octavia will be made available with the new headlights and tail lamps. Apart from that, the base model of Skoda Octavia will come with halogens incorporated up in the front and usual lights at the back. 

On the contrary, the top-end model of the 2013 edition of Octavia will be seen exhibiting bi-Xenon lights along with day-time LED lights in the front and the cluster of tail lamps will feature full LED lights. Although the latest edition of one of the new car launches will hit the Indian market with such significant changes, the new incoming model of Skoda Octavia will retain the typical tail lights of C-shape of the outgoing model. 

Inside the brand new edition of Skoda Octavia, car buyers will surely be delighted to witness an all new touch screen along with a new audio system. Apart from an adaptive cruise control structure, the 2013 edition of one of the new car launches, Skoda Octavia will be exhibiting a new park assist system and a new electro-panoramic sunroof. 

Other than this, the incoming model of one of the upcoming cars of Skoda Octavia will also come with an optional keyless entry and an automatic door and ignition structure. As far as performance is concerned, the all new Skoda Octavia will probably rise above the expectations as Skoda plans to introduce four petrol based variants and four diesel based variants. 

The petrol based variant of the new Octavia will feature a 1.4L TSI petrol engine that will generate two varying peak power that of 120 bhp and 138 bhp whereas on the other hand the 1.8L TSI petrol engine will generate 177 bhp of peak power and 2.0L TSI petrol engine will be displayed in the vRS edition. As far as the diesel based variants are concerned, 2013 edition of Skoda Octavia will exhibit a 1.6L TDI diesel engine that will generate varying peak power of 103 bhp or 108bhp and the two variants that will exhibit 2.0L TDI diesel powered engine will generate 147 bhp and 181 bhp of peak power. 

Hence, having put up so many notable features on the score board and being one of the upcoming cars and falling in the premium sedan segment, the all new Skoda Octavia is already being eyed upon by many car buyers in the Indian market. 

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